How to prevent the primary cause of skin cancer?

Exposure to ultraviolet radiation is one of the most frequent causes of skin cancer in Europe

According to European scientist research, one of the most frequent causes of skin cancer is exposure to ultraviolet radiation. It is very hard to prevent it because almost every single girl wants to have Rihanna or Beyoncé look during the summer time. About 80% of girls in Europe expose themselves to the sun or spend thousands of euros on the solarium. This number is increasing constantly.

Every year thousands of people are diagnosed with squamous cell skin cancers or with melanoma skin cancer, the worst form and deadliest. It is the most common form of cancer in the whole world, not just in Europe. Its primary cause is ultraviolet radiation. This UV radiation from sunlight and tanning lamps are extremely dangerous because they damage DNA of skin cells.

That is the main cause of genetic mutations and these mutations are exactly the ones that lead to cancer.


Nederland’s’ scientists have revealed a gene that can be a sort of the prevention of skin cancer

In a new study of scientists from the Nederlands, we can see that they have revealed a gene that has the power to protect us against the effects of ultraviolet radiation. According to their opinion, this is a strategy for prevention of skin cancer. They say that this gene plays a role in xeroderma pigmentosum, a disease that increases sensitivity to sunlight. xeroderma_pigmentosumThis sensitivity is the main cause of the raising the risk of the skin cancer.

They have done a research about UVRAG (radiation resistance-associated gene) and according to them, its role is very important. Some people have the normal UV-resistant gene; on the other hand, there are other people whose UV-resistant gene is defective. Therefore, a sunbathing or go tanning can be very risky for them.

Furthermore, we can say that those people had more advanced forms of the disease.

How much the UVRAG is important according to North Holland?

At the same time, the scientist in North Holland says that UVRAG can be a target for skin cancer prevention. Since it is involved in the DNA-cell repair process, they claim that his role is more than important in the battle against cancer. So it is essential for preventing cancer, and this is the reason why scientists pay so much attention to this research.

If you are wondering why that is so, the answer is more than simple: if our UV-resistant gene is lost our cell cannot repair UV damage. This part of the medical science is very important; we have to develop it all the time if we want to prevent the rate of cancer disease.

This can lead us to the greatest revolution in the world battle against cancer because it can prevent it, and the most efficient way to beat cancer is the prevention itself.