Don’t renounce the meat!

The United States are among the global leaders in meat consumption

You would imagine that the top consumers of meat in the world are the developed countries of the western world. And you would be right. To be exact, the top consumers, according to FAO, were Denmark, Luxembourg, the United States and New Zealand. Per person average for the US is about 140 kilograms of meat per year, which is significantly higher that the world’s average.

Most meat consumed in the Midwest

meat_consumption_2Meat in the United States is consumed all over the country, of course, but the Midwest region leads the country. From Montana to Texas, beef, chicken, and other red meats and fish are consumed practically on a daily basis.

These are the countries where the most of the American meat is grown and where meat is the staple food. Increased meat consumption, however, can be a health hazard. It has been shown that frequent consumption of processed meat products can be quite detrimental to your health.

Vegetarianism in New York and the reason behind it

Research like this has led to a surge in popularity of vegetarianism in the United States, mostly in the northeastern states and big cities like New York and Boston, among the younger generations of people.

New York is today the town with the greatest number of vegetarian restaurants in the United States and a big part of the vegetarian population is situated here. Many account their distaste for meat to ideological reasons involving animal welfare, but many are vegetarians because of, according to them, health reasons.

Is meat detrimental to your health?

The fact is that meat, especially processed meat products with lots of additives and chemicals designed to preserve it and enhance the taste, have bad effects on your health. On the other hand, excluding meat totally out of your diet can carry a certain risk of inducing medical problems. meat_productsThe most prominent issue is the lack of essential proteins, abundant in red meat.

Nutritionist claims that the proteins from meat can be adequately replaced by proteins from nuts, legumes, soy, dairy and similar products. This is true to a certain point because animal protein is more similar to human protein and is used more rapidly and is more readily available to the metabolic system than animal protein.

Keep meat on your table

People in the United States should be aware of the fact that their daily income of processed meat products is very high and that their daily intake of salts and nitrates can raise to dangerous levels. Therefore, these products should be consumed much less.

On the other hand, this does not mean a complete removal of meat from the diet. Organic, unprocessed meat, consumed fresh in recommended quantities can only be good for you because meat has a lot of essential elements for your metabolism. That is why moderate amounts of meat, prepared in the right way should be consumed, to keep the metabolism system balanced and working properly.